Would we kill our best friends?

Dogs have been our companions on a very long journey. Before euthanizing our travel partners, the least we owe them is a look back.

A long time ago a wolf decided it was worth while hanging around people. Mainly because of our leftovers, of course. But off all the beasts out there, he decided to come even closer. He hunted with us and guarded our homes or livestock.

He gained out trust and, in turn, lost his independence.

We’ve trained him to be our seeing eyes and our rescue. We’ve taught him to fight crime or simply to keep us company. But we couldn’t have trained him to love us. This is what he brought on our journey. He might be crazy about food, but he is crazier about his owner. Anyone who has ever had a dog knows this.

So, there’s no wonder that stray dogs won’t leave us alone. They ask for food and they beg for our attention. Should we kill them for doing so?


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